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There is a center in every Human Creation, through that center It speaks, It acts, through that center; it defines who It is and who It will become. When that center is broken; then that Human Creation is living in brokenness. The wounds of our childhood can and will affect the way we live and act in our everyday LIFE. It changes the reality and the perspective of truth, making it into our own reality and our own perspective of our own truth. Brokenness is the root of a tree that branches out into many categories of abnormal and sinful actions and behaviors. There are three most common aspects of brokenness; emotional, physical and sexual. To a broken individual these acts that to others seem as acts of sinful behavior are nothing but a comforting pattern to mask the painful memories inflicted from their childhood wounds. It is our goal as a ministry to restore that Center by restoring the mind, the heart, and most importantly ‘’ THE SOUL’’ of those affected by their childhood wounds that cause these acts of brokenness. Our prayer is that those who suffer from the woundedness of abuse and brokenness find a clear path of wholeness and restoration with this ministry along their side serving as a safe haven and a guiding light towards the only place where wholeness, restoration and healing can be found; through the resurrecting POWER of the cross of Jesus Christ discovering the path of inner healing in                                                                                                        ‘’ HIS HEALING PRESENCE’’.
There is a Center in every Man in which and through which GOD works. To that Center He speaks; through that Center He acts. When a Man discovers his own divine Center, he stands at the gateway to powerful living.             
                                                                         - Pastor Edward J Colon



I pray that from His GLORIOUS, UNLIMITED resources He will EMPOWER you with INNER STRENGTH                                                                          through His SPIRIT. 
Then Christ will make His home in your hearts as you TRUST in Him. Your roots will grow down into                                                               God's LOVE and keep you strong.
And may you have the POWER to UNDERSTAND, as God's people should, how WIDE, how LONG, how                                                            HIGH, and how DEEP His LOVE is,
"May you experience the LOVE of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully. Then you will be                        made COMPLETE with all the FULLNESS of life and POWER that comes from God.
  - Ephesians 3:16-19

                                               For NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE with God. 
– Luke 1:37



I don't know how much of this I believe, but I know this-

I NEED A FATHER. There is so much in me that yet needs fathering.

And I don't want to live fatherless anymore. So come to me, and help me make the shift. You have taken me home, through Christ, to be your own son. I accept that. I give my life back to you, to be your true son. Father me. Father me.

                                                    In Jesus name, Amen
                                 Contact us at:  TheMinistry@HisHealingPresence.org

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